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Weatherproof Car Cover For Your Precious Car

Do you have a sedan, a hatchback or an SUV?

No matter what car you have, you should invest in a protective car cover that offers protection to your car. The car cover does way more than simply protecting your car from rain, it also protects your car from dust from other elements of nature and can extend the life of your car. Additionally, if your car is parked in an open parking space, it ensures that you needn’t continually keep cleaning your car to keep it dust and dirt free.

Now that you know that you absolutely need a car cover, what cover should you invest on?


The Contribution of the Automotive Sector to India’s GDP

An Overview of the Indian Automotive Industry :

India is the fifth largest market in the world when it comes to automotive sales. In 2019 alone, over 26 million units were produced and sold in the Indian market. India is also among the top ten nations when it comes to commercial vehicles. Two wheelers dominate the Indian market and have a market share of 80.8% owing to the young population in India. The rural market is also expanding as towns and villages have better access than before. The annual growth rate of the Indian Automotive market is over 2.3%, indicating a positive trend in the right direction.


Five Thought Provoking Questions to the Indian Auto Industry by Dr. Pawan Goenk

A brief outline on the Indian Auto Industry :

The eighty year old automotive industry in India is the fifth largest in the world. Despite being considered a major player, India commands a very small fraction of global exports in the automotive and automotive parts industry, that has seen difficult times owing to the slowdown in businesses over the past six months. The Indian automotive industry accounts for 2.3 per cent of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs over 3 million people.


How to Install FASTag Sticker on Your Car?

Tired of waiting in long ques at Toll Plaza, is it taking too much essential time of yours or you get late for office everyday and have to face Boss due to this.

Don’t Worry you have a solution “FASTag”.

FASTag is basically a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which is linked to your savings accounts. It will allow you to drive across the highway seamlessly without having to stop at toll plazas to pay the toll tax and being linked to a prepaid account will ensure that the toll tax is automatically deducted when you drive through the FASTag lane.

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The Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Software For Cars

When we look back on how cars have evolved over the years, we notice a specific pattern in the journey. Today’s cars are sleeker, smarter and more ergonomic than their predecessors, across the board. In recent times, cars with a higher level of functionality through “smart” features have seen a rise to prominence. Car makers across the world are leaving no stone un-turned in terms of feature exploration. On the other end of the spectrum, car buyers are having a field day, making the most of all the features.


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