A Revolution of Awareness and Ease of EV Products in India -Mr. Akshay Shekhar of Kazam EV

Mr. Akshay Shekhar, is the Co-Founder of Kazam EV, with a Vision of creating Awareness and Ease of Electronic Vehicles in India, he and his Co-Founder Mr. Vaibhav Tyagi Started a new Venture called Kazam EV Pvt. Ltd.

Kazam is building Asia’s largest smart electric vehicle charging network. Kazam has its proprietary IoT-enabled & affordable charge points, which hosts (apartments, hotels, malls, offices, Mom&Pop stores) can purchase to create a private or public network of EV chargers for its EV owners. Hosts can wish to monetize on energy that is consumed on their network by using Kazam’s SaaS platform. Kazam’s mobile app for EV drivers supports discover, charge & pay through the app for an unmanned experience for the host


ZERO to 500 Dealers, A Revolution by this Hidden Jewel in South of India -Mr Ajit Kumar of Mahavir Group

Mr Ajit, CEO Auto Impex comes from a humble background. With the Blessings of His Father & Guru Mahatria, Mr Ajit has grown immensely in his Business Endeavors

Auto Impex of Mahavir Group today is one of the leading Auto Aftermarket Distributor in India and unlike other companies they are solving the real problems by offering Amazing products of Brands which pass their checklist of Quality.


MBA Turned Auto Accessories Distributor- Mr Kunal Jhanji shares Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Auto Aftermarket Business

Mr. Kunal Jhanji an MBA by profession is the CEO of M/s NA Enterprises. They are the leading Distributors in Punjab and always on top list of all Auto Aftermarket brands in the country.

With his brother Mr. Mohit, both Kunal & Mohit has been in this business for more than 11 Years helping people to chose the right products for their vehicles.


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